Raiko Bowman



Raiko Danielle Bowman was born into a large southern family in Mississippi. At a very young age, her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida. After graduating from Episcopal High School in Jacksonville, she attended college at the University of Alabama to study Journalism. By her sophomore year, she took a break from her studies to embark upon a career in the performing arts. While traveling and training in New York City, North Carolina, Atlanta and Florida, she began acting in Improvisational Theatre, independent films and commercials. While continuing to work in local projects, Raiko began to pursue a nursing degree in Florida. However, her nursing degree was cut short as she began booking comedic and dramatic roles in film and television. Such as the HBO Original Series “Eastbound and Down” with Danny McBride as well as the Lionsgate hit feature film, “The Hunger Games” directed by Gary Ross. Raiko played the villainous role of “Peeta’s Mom” to Peeta Mellark, played by Josh Hutcherson. After the release of The Hunger Games in 2012, Raiko decided to complete her education at Columbia University in New York City for English and Comparative Literature. Raiko continues to merge her artistic interests, education and passion in global health issues to bring about awareness and change.